Wednesday, March 22, 2017

After a cold and snowy winter, crews set sights on spring road maintenance

Snowier weather could come back at any time, and if it does, crews will be ready for it. But in the meantime, The City’s focus has turned to spring maintenance work.
Crews take on a variety of projects as temperatures rise and roads become drier, including:
·         Clearing catch basins: Crews clear the area around catch basins with a grader so that water can run into it. In some instances, they’ll move ice from the shady side of the street near around a catch basin to the sunny side, where it can melt.

·         Filling potholes: Every year The City of Calgary fills over 10,000 potholes. Due to heavier snowfall over the last several months and the recent freeze-thaw cycle, crews expect to be filling more potholes than last summer. This year, crews are using an asphalt recycler built in-house, which will reduce material costs.

·         Picking up roadside debris: This includes general cleaning and garbage pickup on our streets and boulevards.

·         Training: Both new and seasoned members of City crews take pride in always being fully trained on the latest technologies and machinery. Crews train on new equipment and new techniques for upcoming projects.

If the warm weather trend continues, The City anticipates that Spring Clean-up will launch in early April. Spring Clean-up is the annual street sweeping program that removes sanding materials and debris that has accumulated on roads over winter. Due to heavier snowfall and colder temperatures, crews applied about twice as much salt and gravel material to the roads this winter compared to last year. That means keeping streets clear of vehicles and bins to clear a path for sweepers will be especially important in the coming months. Check for program updates coming soon.

Between potholes, windrows, and preparing for Spring-Cleanup, crews will continue to watch for potential snowfall. For questions about snow and ice control, visit, and if you see a pothole or blocked catch basin, please report it to 311.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Construction in Calgary remains strong in 2017

Recent building permit values indicate a steady year of construction in 2017, says Calgary Building Services Director Kevin Griffiths.

With $4.7 billion in building permits taken out last year, and total construction value up 29 per cent in the first two months of 2017 totaling $416 million, we continue to see interest in development despite the current economy.

“Calgary is enviable in that we continue to be seen as a growth area,” says Griffiths. “We are still a region that is considered prosperous and an area of opportunity. In 2014, we were growing at a rate equal to New York City. It’s natural that we have slowed down a bit.”

Building permit values 2007-2016

One of the biggest projects in the works is Crosstown, a mixed-use development directly across from the Erlton-Stampede LRT station, with an estimated construction value of over $78 million. It will feature four residential towers and a high street pedestrian-oriented area with a grocery store and other shops.

“We worked extensively with the community to develop the concept for Crosstown,” says Paul Faibish, vice president of development with Anthem Properties Group. “I think people are excited about what it will offer – it’s a very positive thing for the community. Right now, residents in that area have to walk over to Mission to get a coffee, pick up groceries and more. With Crosstown, those amenities will be right in Erlton.”

The project will also include a pedestrian connection across Macleod Trail to the LRT station.

Other developments that have taken out a building permit recently include Arris Towers, with a construction value of about $131 million, the Orchard at $57 million and Seton High School at $42 million.

Building a great city together

The City continues to work closely with industry partners to better serve our city and enable development that meets the needs of Calgarians. The Industry City Work Plan has identified opportunities to improve City processes to help get more projects to the construction phase. One example includes improvements on how The City processes several development permit application types, which has reduced the time it takes for developers to obtain decisions.

“Improvements such as these make Calgary a more attractive place for real estate investment as they create more certainty in the process. This can contribute to moving our economy in the right direction,” says Griffiths.

As part of the Industry City Work Plan, The City has significantly improved its review times on several key development permit applications types since March 2016.

Top 15 building permit applications in 2016 by construction value

For more information about developing our city, visit

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

City hosts information sessions for projects in Inglewood and Ramsay

The City is investing in Inglewood and Ramsay to make life better every day. With more than 20 City projects under construction or under consideration, we know there’s a lot going on. We want to make sure you have the information you need and the opportunity to ask questions, so we’re bringing many of these projects together for two public information sessions. Drop in at either of our upcoming information sessions to learn more and provide your input. These events are identical but offered at different times.

Thursday, March 9
4 – 8 p.m.
Alexandra Centre
922 9 Ave SE

Saturday, March 11
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Festival Hall
1215 10 Ave SE

Drop in at any time to view the information boards and talk to the project teams. There will also be a brief presentation by the project manager every hour (at 5, 6, 7 p.m. on Thursday, and at 10, 11 a.m., 12 p.m. on Saturday).

We hope you can join us on one of these dates, but if you’re unable to attend, you’ll have the opportunity to provide online input beginning Thursday, March 9.

At the information session, you will learn more about:
  • How The City is coordinating these projects to help create the best possible neighbourhood with the lowest impact to your everyday during construction 
  • The 9 Avenue S.E. Main Streets Streetscapes project
  • The 12 Street S.E. Bridge Replacement project
  • The 9 Avenue S.E. Bridge Replacement project 
  • The 25 Avenue S.E. LRT Grade Separation Study 
  • The 17 Avenue S.E. BRT project 
  • The Inglewood Storm Trunk project
  • The Bioengineering project
You will also be able to provide your input on:
  • The structure and design of the new 9 Avenue S.E. Bridge 
  • Landscaping and commemoration of the 12 Street S.E. Bridge
  • Priorities, ideas and concerns for the 25 Ave S.E. LRT Grade Separation Study
  • How you like to receive information from The City
  • How you like to provide input to The City
  • Your transportation priorities and how you get into, out of and around your community
The City will be back later this spring to update you on project progress, and to collect more feedback, as each of the projects moves through their respective visioning, study, design or construction processes.

Learn more about what we’re working on in Ramsay and Inglewood at, and stay up-to-date on the latest news by subscribing to our mailing list.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Roadway Activity Map allows citizens to identify projects happening in road right-of-ways

Have you ever been travelling down a street in Calgary and come upon a crew doing some work and wonder to yourself what kind of work are they doing? Now, you can find out easily by visiting The City of Calgary’s new Roadway Activity Map.

This map is a collaboration between Roads and several other City business units, including Water Services, Water Resources, Transportation Infrastructure, Transportation Planning, Recreation, Corporate Analytics and Innovation, and Information Technology.

Not just another map

While The City has an array of helpful maps on the map gallery, The Roadway Activity Map sets itself apart by being a real-time application that shows both planned and active work. This includes both short term and long term projects including work like construction paving, sidewalk concrete work and microsurfacing.

The map also has the functionality to show special events – such as road closures for parades or festivals.

“This map was created to help eliminate potential conflicts from work happening on roadways (for example underground work happening on fresh pavement),” states Henry Sun, Business Strategist with Roads. “It provides both citizens and third party providers a glimpse at the bigger picture on our roadways in terms of construction.”

Added benefits

The map combines information from a number of data sources and allows both citizens and third party access to unprecedented information on work happening around Calgary.

The Roadway Activity Map project is the first City map to use the ArcGIS Online technology, which is a Cloud-based technology solution. Unlike traditional map applications, the functions on the Map are called Widgets, which can be reused by other City map applications using the same ArcGIS Online technology.

To see the map in action, visit

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Calgary Recreation has what you need to get up, out and active this spring and summer

As we look forward to a spring thaw, Calgary’s Spring/Summer Recreation Program Guide has hit stands at Recreation facilities around the city. In the printed guide, and online, you’ll find thousands of day camps, classes and programs designed to help you and your family shake off the winter blues and become more active and creative.

There are programs for every age, skill level and interest. Some of our popular programs include:

For children & youth:
  • Day Camps – everything from sports to dance, 3D Animation to “Zombies & Ninjas.” 
  • Skateboarding lessons – for beginner to intermediate skateboarders.
  • Dance – including Hip-hop, Ballet, Jazz and Irish. 
  • Martial Arts – try Aikido, Karate, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, or Tai Chi. No previous experience required.
  • Junior Sailing Club – learn the fundamentals of sailing surrounded by the beauty of the Glenmore Reservoir. 
For Adults:
  • Whip that body into shape with Bootcamp – Beginner. There’s even a new Bridal Party Bootcamp just for women training for the big day.
  • Birdwatching – learn to tell a red-winged blackbird from a red-tailed hawk at a number of Calgary parks.
  • Oil Painting for the Completely Intimidated – develop the skills to capture Calgary’s beauty on canvas.
For “Together Time:”
  • Stroller Fitness – Bring your baby and stroller for a unique and fun cardio workout.
  • Golf – Family Beginner Series: great for new golfing families or families who want to improve their golf skills. Professionals will guide you from your first swing to your first round on the course. 

All programs are priced to be affordable, and our Fair Entry program also provides fee assistance to qualified individuals.

Registration is open now – make sure to pick up your copy of the program guide today, or customize your registration online.

Register soon so you can be on your way to fun and active times!