Thursday, March 8, 2018

Public Service Announcement: #YYCSnowMelt - Get ready for it

The weather forecast indicates that warm weather can be expected for Calgary this weekend. The warm weather combined with the large amount of snow received in recent weeks will likely result in significant snow melt and this could create challenges for all of us.

Here are some tips to protect your home and your family this weekend:

  1. Shovel snow away from the foundation of your home and window wells to prevent seepage into your basement. 
  2. If you are moving or piling snow, check furnace and exhaust vents to make sure snow and ice are not blocking them. Carbon monoxide can build up within your home as a result. 
  3. Ensure your downspouts (eavestroughs) are clear and pointed away from your home/foundation. 
  4. Once the snow begins to melt and the storm drain is visible, clear snow away from the storm drain. 
  5. Once the melt begins, you can clear away snow from the storm drain. If you find that the storm drain is iced over, do not try to remove the ice yourself. Call 311 and a crew will clear the ice for you. Don’t chip away at ice on storm drains as you may damage it or injure yourself. 
  6. If water pools by the storm drain, give it 90 minutes to drain. The City of Calgary has special devices in the storm drains that allow the water to drain slowly and not overload the stormwater system. 
  7. If you see pooled water on a roadway, be careful – don’t drive through deep water as you can’t see potentials risks or conditions that might be unsafe. 
  8. Check the function of your sump pump. 
If you can't find your storm drain, use our interactive map to locate it.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

City approves the sale of six development sites to non-profit affordable housing providers

In the most significant sale of City-owned land to affordable housing providers in The City’s history, the City of Calgary has approved the sale of six development sites to:
  • HomeSpace Society, 
  • Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta; and, 
  • Homes for Heroes Foundation (in partnership with the Mustard Seed and ATCO Group).

Each non-profit organization demonstrated strong track records as affordable housing providers in Calgary by meeting a specific set of criteria including demonstrated experience in multi-residential development and operating, managing or selling non-market housing.

The sites are located in the communities of:
  • Hillhurst Sunnyside, 
  • Albert Park/Radisson Heights, 
  • Forest Lawn; and, 
  • the Downtown Commercial Core. 
Each non-profit met requirements for eligibility to receive funding from The City’s Housing Incentive Program (HIP) and a dedicated addition from the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) SEED Funding program, marking a meaningful collaboration between the two levels of government.

The City’s Real Estate & Development Services business unit was instrumental in the success of this land transaction process, having released The City-owned land at below-market value to support non-profit housing providers in the development of more affordable units.

This initiative is expected to yield up to 165 new affordable homes, helping to provide safe and stable housing to more Calgarians.

Affordable Housing Provider
Homes for Heroes Foundation
902-912 36 Street S.E.
Forest Lawn
HomeSpace Society
3725 10 Avenue S.E./1104 36 Street S.E.
Forest Lawn
Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta
1305/1313 36 Street S.E.
Albert Park/Radisson Heights
Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta
1523-1527 36 Street S.E.
Albert Park/Radisson Heights
HomeSpace Society
344 14 Street N.W.
Hillhurst Sunnyside
HomeSpace Society
933 5 Avenue S.W.
Downtown Commercial Core

Monday, February 26, 2018

Spring and summer recreation program registration now open

Say goodbye to winter with The City’s spring and summer Recreation programs, open for registration on February 26, online, in person and over the phone.

Not sure what programs are available? Our Spring/Summer Recreation Program Guide is now available; pick up a hard-copy or browse programs online. The guide contains hundreds of recreational opportunities to get you and your family more active, more often.

"The City of Calgary has a variety of programs to help you get outside and get moving as the weather warms up in our city,” says Brad Herman, recreation program specialist with The City of Calgary.

With dozens of facilities located throughout the city, including two leisure centres, 12 aquatic & fitness centres, seven golf courses, a soccer centre, a sailing school and more, there are many convenient locations for you and your family to take part in a variety of fitness related recreational programs, close to home.

3 steps to registering
  1. Create or update your account
    - Create or login to your account on
    - Make sure all information is up-to-date
    - Once you have an account, you can call 403-268-3800 to add family members
  2. Find your program
    - Pick up our Recreation Program Guide or browse programs online at
    TIP: Don’t want to select a specific program date/time? Leave the date selection blank, so you can see all of the options
    - Write down your desired program course IDs
  3. Register for your program
    - Online with a credit card (Debit & VISA debit not accepted):
    - By phone: 403-268-3800
    - In person: Calgary Recreation Customer Service, Southland Leisure Centre or Village Square Leisure Centre  
Join us and get moving!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

As Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility Opens, Work Continues at Seton Facility

[From Left to right: Kurt Hanson, Manager of Community Services for The City of Calgary; Mark Asberg, Director of Service Delivery for the Calgary Public Library; Michael Connolly, MLA for Calgary-Hawkwood; Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi; Shannon Doram, President and CEO of YMCA Calgary]

On February 1, 2018, the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge celebrated its grand opening, with guests including Mayor Naheed Nenshi, MLA Michael Connolly, Councillors Ward Sutherland, Joe Magloiocca and Sean Chu, YMCA Calgary President and CEO Shannon Doram, and citizens from the area.

Initial response to the new facility has been overwhelming – since opening, the facility has signed up over 9,400 new YMCA members, justifying The City of Calgary’s research that a recreation facility was sorely needed in the area.

Mayor Nenshi speaks at the Grand Opening of the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge.

The Shane Homes YMCA is the third of four new recreation facilities to be built in underserved areas of the City. The Great Plains Recreation Facility and Remington YMCA opened in Calgary’s southeast in 2016. The City has overseen the planning, design and construction of all four new recreation facilities – a total investment of $480 million. A portion of the cost was contributed by the Government of Alberta as part of the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI). In all cases, there were few recreational opportunities in the area before construction of the new facility.

The last of the four new facilities, in Seton, is currently under construction. This facility will open in early 2019 as a community hub in a dynamic area surrounded by a future high school and regional park. The new facility was designed with input from a thoughtful engagement process with local community associations and area residents.

Within the walls, construction on the 330,000 square-foot facility is moving briskly, on-time and on-budget. Amenities will include a 50-metre, 10-lane competition and diving pool, a water park and leisure pool, a surf simulator, two ice rinks, 3 gymnasia, a fitness centre with studios, a 200-metre running track, art-making and studio space, a 250-seat theatre, and a 25,000-square-foot full-service library.

The facility will be managed by the Calgary YMCA, who won a competitive bid to operate and maintain the space. This innovative model ensures the sustainability of the facility without the need for additional tax dollars to fund staffing, maintenance or other operational costs.

For more information and a full amenity list, please visit

Photos of Seton:

View of the main atrium and the future 25,000 square-foot library

View down the main hallway, toward the main atrium. The competition pool is on the left, and the twin arenas to the right

Looking down on the future competition pool

View of diving platforms. A temporary floor has been erected over the deep end of the pool.

The future recreation pool area, including the recreation pool (R), lazy river (centre) and posts for a waterslide (L). Behind the lazy river is the foundation for the surf simulator.

A view from the top of the future waterslide

One of the two arenas under construction

The future gymnasium space on the lower level, surrounded by the running track on the upper level.

Seton Recreation Facility – exterior under construction (October 2018).

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

FAQ: 2018 property/business assessments and Customer Review Period

On January 4, 2018, The City mailed over half a million property and business assessment notices. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the process and how it may affect you.

Where can I find my property’s assessed value?

You can find the assessed value of your property or any other Calgary property online using Assessment Search. You do not have to log in to search for assessed values, however, for more detailed information (including your previous year's assessment, your tax information and specific property details) you can log into Assessment Search using your City myID account.

For more information on how to use Assessment Search, see the help guides for property owners and business owners.

How is my property assessed?

Your property assessment notice sent in January is based on your property’s market value, the amount it likely would have sold for last July 1, and improvements to its physical condition as of Dec. 31.

Assessors look at many factors including your property’s details such as age, location, lot size, additions or renovations and sales of similar properties in the neighbourhood in the last three years.

Your assessed property value goes through internal checks and balances and a provincial audit before the notice is mailed to you in early January.

What if I don’t agree with the assessed value?

If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment, contact Assessment at 403-268-2888 during the Customer Review Period from Jan. 4 to March 12, 2018.

Your assessor may be able to resolve your concerns without the need to file a formal complaint.

Changes can only be made to your 2018 property assessment if you inquire about it during the Customer Review Period.

Changes cannot be made to your tax bill mailed at the end of May.

If you still disagree with your assessment, visit the Assessment Review Board for more information and/or to file a complaint online.

Formal complaints with the Assessment Review Board can only be made between Jan. 4 and March 12, 2018.

How does my assessment affect my property taxes?

Your property assessment is used to determine your share of taxes, relative to all properties in Calgary, to meet The City's budget needs.

Once Council has set the tax rate, your assessment is then multiplied by the tax rate and the result is your share of property tax shown on your tax bill.

Assessments are based on the fair market value of your property last July 1. Real estate data on all properties sold in Calgary in the previous three years are analyzed. Your individual assessment comes from the analysis of sold properties in your neighbourhood that are very similar to yours.

Your property tax can change from year to year if your property’s assessed value increases or decreases greater than the change in the overall assessment base or if additional revenue is needed by The City to provide services.

You can search for your current property assessment using Assessment Search.

Learn how your property is assessed.

More information

Where can I get more information?

If you have questions about property tax, contact 311.
For tax related FAQs, visit Property tax and assessment Frequently asked questions
You can learn more budget, assessment and taxes at
Assessment information –
Property tax information –
Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) –
Property Tax Assistance Program (PTAP) –