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Monday, July 28, 2014

Is your business prepared?

The 2013 flood was a call to action for both the business sector and The City of Calgary. Although insurance and provincial recovery funds provided some relief to business owners as they recovered, the flood highlighted the need and value of disaster preparedness planning for Calgary businesses.

Last week, The City of Calgary’s Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), in partnership with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Calgary Economic Development, released a Business Continuity Handbook to explain the importance of emergency preparedness for the business community.

“The business sector is an important member of the Calgary community,” said Deputy Chief Tom Sampson. “Empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to prepare, respond, and recover will positively contribute to the overall resiliency of our community.”

Along with the handbook, a template and Business Continuity Reference Guide will provide business owners with tools to develop business continuity strategies and plans. These materials can be customized by the business to meet their specific needs.

While the 2013 flood had a significant economic, physical, and social impact on Calgary, CEMA believes that this exciting new partnership with the business community is a significant step-forward in strengthening the resiliency of our community to future events.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Stanley Park Outdoor Swimming Pool welcomes Calgarians back

Working together with The City of Calgary, The Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pool Association (COSPA) reopened Stanley Park Outdoor Swimming Pool on Tuesday, July 15. The pool was closed following the June 2013 flood, four days before a grand reopening to debut renovations, including a new wading pool.

“We were really looking forward to getting the crowds back [after the renovations],” says Mike Gavan, Executive Director of COSPA. “It was supposed to be a new beginning, but the flood washed it all away.”

Gavan recounts the shocking impact of the flood and the community’s reaction. “The area was so hard hit – there were bigger priorities than getting the pool going, of course – but people were showing up wanting to help. One day we had 50 people!”

After deciding the damage was too severe to reopen the pool for the 2013 season, COSPA and The City of Calgary set to work on restoring this important community hub.

The scope of work included extensive demolition and rebuilding. All fixtures, lockers, flooring and doors were gutted and replaced. The concession area was torn down and rebuilt with flood resilient materials and mechanical equipment was also replaced.

Contractors worked seven days a week for two and a half months and, while some work is still needed to get the pool to pre-flood conditions, COSPA is pleased to announce the main pool and building are open for the 2014 season.

“The building looks great! We still have a few minor bugs we’re working out. We’re getting the word out and the crowds are starting to come back.”

The wading pool is temporarily out of service due to problems with underground water supply pipes. An inspection scheduled next week will reveal the extent of the damage and the cause.

“We’re trying to get it open this season,” says Gavan, who is hopeful the July 2014 reopening is the beginning of a new era for the flagship pool. “There’s light at the end of this tunnel.”

COSPA and The City of Calgary Recreation continue work to erase the damage caused by the flood.

“We’re very appreciative of the work The City did. It was a big task.”

On Wednesday, Gavan spoke with CTV Calgary about the reopening and Calgary’s network of outdoor pools. Watch the video here.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

LEDs light up Calgary communities this summer

The City is illuminating five communities in Calgary with 2,500 new energy-efficient LED streetlights this summer.

GE Evolve ERS1 LED fixtures
Altadore, Douglasdale, Marlborough, Tuxedo Park, and Brentwood are part of the first phase of an initiative focused on changing the existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights to energy efficient fixtures. LED light installations started in the community of Altadore, and will be ongoing throughout the summer and early fall. In a two-phased project, The City plans to eventually undertake a city-wide retrofit of approximately 80,000 fixtures.

“This is the first step in The City’s larger vision of providing Calgarians with smart, sustainable, and cost-effective infrastructure,” said Barry Poon, Acting Director of Roads. “The LED technology will not only reduce electricity use and lower maintenance costs, but will also provide better quality lighting for our communities and roadways.”

Benefits of LED street lighting
  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • Makes objects appear clearer and more defined
  • Reduces the amount of “spilled” or wasted light, ensuring light is focused on roads and sidewalks, where it is most useful to drivers and pedestrians
Find more information about energy efficient LED lighting and frequently asked questions online.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    Public Safety Communications members shave their lids for kids’ cancer

    Helping others is not just a job for The City of Calgary’s emergency communications officers (ECO) -- it's part of who they are. On Friday, July 18, several ECOs with Public Safety Communications shaved their heads for a Kids Cancer Care Foundation fundraiser.

    ECO Jacqui Skelton's head shaved by Commander Richard Hinse,
    “I am so proud of the efforts of our 9-1-1 call takers and dispatchers,” said Commander Richard Hinse, who had the honour of shaving the first head. “What I’ve seen here today is a group of caring and committed individuals who believe in rallying support for causes that mean something to them.”

    Dubbed 9-1-1 Life Shavers, this employee-driven event was successful in raising more than $7,000 to support kids’ cancers.

    Earlier this year, one of PSC’s ECOs passed away from cancer. A few members took it upon themselves to put this fundraiser together to raise awareness and funds for cancer. Nine people took part in the head shave to show moral support for the kids who lose their hair during cancer treatments, while raising money for camp, research, hospital and scholarship programs for young people affected by cancer.

    For more information on Public Safety Communications and the work this group does for Calgarians visit

    Submitted by Tanja McMorris, Public Safety Communications

    Monday, July 21, 2014

    Census shows record growth for Calgary

    Calgary’s population has reached 1,195,194; an increase of 3.33% or 38,508 residents from last year, resulting in record growth for the city.

    "Accurate census information is essential in decision making and planning for The City’s future needs," said Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

    2014 by the numbers:

    Community Growth

    Saddleridge leads the way in community growth, with a population increase of 2,373.  Seven other Calgary neighbourhoods saw notable migration increases including: Auburn Bay (2,242), Cranston (1,858), Skyview Ranch (1,759), Evanston (1,704), Panorama Hills (1,384), Aspen Woods (1,095) and Beltline (1,091).


    While housing starts are up, Calgary's vacancy rate continues to decline. Overall vacancy rate in the city is 2.01%, down from 2.59% in 2013.

    For the second year in a row census takers used tablets to collect census information, saving nearly 50,000 sheets of paper.

    For complete 2014 Civic Census results, please visit