Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Utilizing North America's most extensive urban pathway network, a record number of participants took part today in Calgary's third annual Bike to Work Day.

Lonny Balbi, the organizer for the event said that about 1,000 Calgarians took part - doubling last year's number of commuters.

"These people are getting an early start to the warm season, and reaping the rewards of biking to work," he said.

It could be because of the warm weather, the health benefits or an effort to save money, because the cyclists came-out in droves.

"I came for the free pancake breakfast," laughed the Lycra-wearing Derek Habson, as he chowed-down on some syrupy drenched flap-jacks at Eau Claire.

Participants also treated their bikes to a free tune-up at the Pedal Energy Support Stations located throughout the city.

Sponsored by Parks Foundation Calgary and The City of Calgary, Bike to Work Day promotes a positive, environmentally friendly means of commuting to and from the workplace.

It can also save time and money. In a recent experiment, Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson cycled from North Hill Centre to Eau Claire faster than two competitors - one in a car and the other on a bus.

The City is improving the 300 kilometers of on-street bicycle facilities every year with marked bicycle lanes and other bike-friendly measures to compliment over 700 kilometers of pathways.

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