Monday, June 1, 2009

Calgary's infrastructure project website launched

The City of Calgary has launched a new website today that tracks over $6 billion worth of infrastructure projects over the next five years, where the funding comes for each project and their capital plan. boasts an interactive map that pinpoints 125 capital projects currently funded by The City’s approved 2009 – 2013 capital budget. Each pinpoint displays the project’s construction schedule and status, sources of funding and projected costs. As projects develop, photos and progress reports will also populate the website.

The website was created by a team at The City of Calgary, Customer Service & Communications at a cost of $25,000, funded from the 2009 Mayor's Office budget.

“This is our accountability report,” said Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier in a press release. “By viewing the website, you can find out where the money is coming from and, more importantly, where it is going. You can see improvements in every aspect of Calgary - from light rail transit lines and vehicles, to water treatment, roads and bridges, parks, recreation facilities, and cultural projects.”

The information on the website will be updated to reflect progress on capital projects and note changes in the capital plan moving forward. The website currently indentifies 125 priority projects, with the remaining projects in the approved capital budget to be added over the next few months. By the end of the summer, some 500 projects will be mapped and detailed.

I’d encourage anybody who’s interested in geo-spatial mapping to check out the website. I may be biased because I work with the people that built this site, but in my opinion this website sets a new standard for what it offers – especially as municipal sites go. If anyone knows of a similar site please feel free to forward it along, I’d love to compare.

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