Monday, June 15, 2009

New Crowfoot Ctrain Station Unveiled

Today, the 101,000 daily passengers of Calgary's Northwest Light Rail Transit (LRT) line have one more reason to celebrate with the addition of Crowfoot Station.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier, along with Devinder Shory, MP for Calgary Northeast and Lindsay Blackett, Alberta’s Minister of Culture and Community Spirit and MLA for Calgary-North West, took a tour of The City's newest LRT station.

This extension brings Calgary's LRT line west from Dalhousie and is another step in upgrading the Crowchild Trail LRT corridor.

Approved by Council in 2005 and costing $220 milion, the extension of the LRT from Dalhousie Station adds seven km of track, a new platform, Crowfoot Station and parking facilities to accommodate over 1300 vehicles.

"Since 2001, in partnership with other levels of government, we have invested over $300 million in improvements along the Crowchild Trail LRT corridor," said Bronconnier in a press release. "The City plans to continue with these investments to support the needs of Calgarians as they travel to their jobs, homes and activities across the city in a safe, efficient and reliable way."

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