Wednesday, July 22, 2009

City census shows strong 10-year growth

Mayor Bronconnier released the results of the 2009 civic census this morning, and the results say that Calgary’s still growing, and at a consistently rapid pace.

Over the year, Calgary’s population grew by 22,563 people, increasing from 1,042,892 in April 2008 to 1,065,455 in April 2009. Of this increase, 12,920 more people moved here than moved away (net migration) and there were 9,643 more births than deaths (natural increase).

In terms of housing, growth is down and vacancy is up. In the past year, an additional 5,666 housing units were built – compare this to 12,686 new units that were built between April 2007 and April 2008. Calgary’s vacancy rate as of April 2009 is 3.08 per cent, up from 2.23 per cent last April.

So what does this mean? Even though Calgary’s built less housing, there are more empty units in the market.

In the press conference this morning, the Mayor stated that this continued growth is part of a very strong 10-year trend. Over the past decade, Calgary’s seen a growth of over 230,000 people – that growth alone would represent Alberta’s third largest municipality.

Check out The City’s website for full census information.

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