Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Litter bins for butts

Starting today 30 brand new small litter bins will greet people as they stroll down Calgary’s downtown streets.

Passersby are encouraged to use the small litter bins for small litter items like gum and cigarette butts.

The pilot project is a result of a centre city spring litter count that revealed cigarette butts as the number one commonly found piece of garbage on inner-city streets. The pilot will be reviewed in early 2010 to gauge its effectiveness and determine if new bins should be added.

Small litter bins are meant to be a reminder to citizens that small litter needs to be tended to and is the number one cleanliness issue in the centre city.

The pilot cost under $5,000 for all the bins ($165 plus GST each with two given free). The City hopes to eventually get about 200 on City streets like our Edmontonian neighbors to the north. Here are some other clean intitiaves from around the world:
  1. Keep America Beautiful

  2. Keep Britain Tidy

  3. Britain's war on Cigarette Litter

  4. City of Edmonton's Litter Management Program

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