Friday, July 17, 2009

West LRT project moves forward

As a Calgarian living on the west end of the city, I’m probably paying more attention to the progress of the West LRT than some Calgarians.

Beyond the removal of some of the homes that had been purchased to make way for the West LRT, one of the most noticeable aspects of the project has been construction on the Shaganappi Golf Course, which started the week of April 13.

As part of the construction process, the golf course is being reconfigured as westbound Bow Trail will run along what used to be parts of the first nine holes. According to Christian Cormier, Public Engagement Strategist with the West LRT project, work on the course is well under way with most of the work expected to wrap up by the end of August.

Next up for the West LRT project is the selection of a design build team (Wikipedia definition of design build here) to design and construct the West LRT line. There are two more steps in the selection process - the presentation of technical submissions by July 17 then a financial submission (where the bidders state their total cost to design and build the West LRT) by September 10.

The winning bidder will then be announced with construction work expected to start shortly thereafter to ensure that the West LRT will be fully operational by December 2012.

The West LRT website has all the details on the project, including the conceptual designs of all the stations and an animation of the alignment as it runs from downtown to the end of the line at 69 Street SW.

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