Monday, September 21, 2009

Calgary Community Peace Pole Unveiled

The City of Calgary now has one of as many as 250,000 peace poles found worldwide to commemorate the International Peace Day.The Pole resides in the new Peace Plaza on the Bow River Pathway, new the site of the planned Peace Bridge.
“May Peace Prevail on Earth” is inscribed in English, French, Blackfoot and Cree. In addition to the main Peace Pole, there are three smaller ones surrounding it and a panel describing the project.
The word "Peace" is also etched in the eighty languages spoken in Calgary.According to, the peace pole movement was started in Japan by the World Peace Prayer Society in 1955, with the objective of dedicating humankind towards peace rather than conflict. 
Since then the number of peace poles has multiplied greatly. The Magnetic North Pole in the Canadian Arctic boasts a peace pole as do various other cities, towns and villages in 180 different countries.The common primary functional purpose of all peace poles is the promotion of the goal of lasting world peace.
Calgary’s Peace Pole was designed by architect Marc Boutin from Marc Boutin Architecture Collaborative, a local award-winning architect firm.Check out this video from's website.

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