Monday, September 28, 2009

City proves to be good employer according to the Calgary Herald

This is a good article about working for The City of Calgary by Calgary Herald reporter, David Parker.

Mr. Parker interviewed Cindy Munn, a business partner of recruitment and staffing with human resources. She said the majority of The City's 14,000 employees are dedicated to their tasks, enjoy their jobs and work with pride in being in public service.

Mr. Parker touts the benefits of working for The City when he says: "The city has proven to be a good employer that has been at the forefront in employee satisfaction trends, such as flexible work arrangements, respecting the needs for work-life balance, recognition and rewards programs, continuing education and training, and encouraging employee health and wellness."

Are you a city employee? What are your thoughts? Does working for the City work for you? :)

Here is an old City of Calgary recruitment video which takes a friendly poke at The City of Calgary employee 'leaning on the shovel.' Do you recognize the 'star' of the video?

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