Monday, September 28, 2009

Council votes to renew Race City's lease until 2015

City council voted 8-7 today to enter into negotiations to extend Race City Motorsport Park's lease until 2015.

The city own the parcel of land at 114 Ave and 68 St. S.E., leased it to Race City in 1985 and now need the land for a storm water management system for the Shepard Landfill site.

If the city voted to close the track, the land would have been returned on April 1, 2010. The motion was amended and will require Race City to restore the land to its original state at the end of the lease and cover traffic control during busy events.

Opponents of the deal say that the renewed lease could cost taxpayers $3 million, while supports argue that the streets are safer because racers have a place to burn rubber, which is also a cost-saver for police.

The vote occured days after about 250 people participated in a car rally, which saw 175 cars with signs travel from Macleod Trail and 65th Avenue S.W. to downtown Calgary.

Here is an interview with Race City Motorsport Park volunteer, Darrin Heichert, who, not surprisingly, is very pleased with council's decision.

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