Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old bridge banners new again

As part of The City of Calgary’s Bridge Banner program, the 2010 banners are being unveiled on bridges entering Calgary’s downtown core. This year’s theme is a new take on an old idea.

The new banners are hand woven from previous 2008 and earlier banners, providing a fresh look for the bridge banners and as well as an environmentally responsible.

The 2009 banners, featuring eight different birds are being sold to the public to raise money for the United Way of Calgary.

The bridge banner program engages local artists to provide unique artworks specifically for exhibition as banners. The seven bridges leading into the downtown core are adorned with new banners, with a new theme each year, dedicated to creating a liveable, thriving and caring Centre City.

The banners were created by local artists Marci Simkulet and Stefanie Wong.

For more information on the bridge banner program and please visit www.calgary.ca

Images: New bridge banner made from recycled old banners and one of last year's bird bridge banner which is currently on sale with proceeds going to The United Way.

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