Wednesday, September 23, 2009

St. Patrick’s bridge designs submitted

According to the Calgary Municipal Land Council (CMLC), project submissions were received at the projects management firm, STANTEC Consulting, by Sept. 14 and recently posted online. There are a total of 14 submissions (two were omitted of the original 16 due to neglecting to meet CMLC requirements).

St. Patrick's Island is connected to St. George Island, home of the Calgary Zoo. Designers had to work withinthe project's $25-million budget. The bridge had to accommodate cyclists, pedestrians and connect to the pathways at each end of the bridge and on St. Patrick's Island.

The submissions range from those showcasing white, tall harp-like towers, to others that boast tubular designs. Some feature soft curves and others harder edges. take a few minutes to peruse the submissions and dream about what the future of Calgary’s skyline may look like down the road.

There is a public open house on October 12-23, visit the website for more details.

What are your thoughts?
Image* Map shows the site of the proposed bridge (CMLC)

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