Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Water recycling a part of Leisure Centres' annual maintenance

Both of The City’s leisure centres are closed for annual maintenance - with Village Square Leisure Centre reopening on September 14 and Southland Leisure Centre reopening on September 21.
The closures are nothing really out of the ordinary as both centres will receive a thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs will be made to the pools, weight rooms and dry land fitness facilities.
One of the most notable aspects of the closures is that for the second year water from the pools at the leisure centres will be reused by other City departments.
“As part of our annual maintenance program, we need to drain our pools, so instead of it ending up in the sewer system, we can reuse it,” says Randy Spark building operations supervisor with the Southland Leisure Centre.
This water recycling program is a step towards fulfilling The City’s goal of making environmentally sustainable choices, one of The City’s top priorities.
The water is first drained out of the pool basin into the water filtration system where it is stripped of chlorine. The water is then pumped into City trucks and reused by Parks to water trees and boulevards in the area, and Roads to wash down bridges.

“It’s really a win, win situation,” says Spark. “Instead of introducing it into our sanitary sewer system, we can reuse close to 19,000 liters of water for jobs that need to be done by the City.”

Check out my interview with Spark below:

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