Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bowness Park to receive facelift

A City Hall committee voted to give one of The City’s oldest parks a $10.2 million facelift over the next three years.

The currently unbudgeted redesign and development plan will now go to council who will determine how many of the recommendations will be made and the source of funding, according to Doug Marter, Manager of Park’s Planning and Development.

“We’d like to restore the park to its original grandeur,” said Marter, adding that priority improvements include stabilizing the lagoons banks, replacing the control structures that limit the water that enters the park, general upkeep and a few new bells and whistles.

Bowness Park was created in 1911 but no major work has been done in the popular green-space for almost three decades.

Located along the Bow River in northwest Calgary, Bowness Park currently has an amusement park, an ice cream stand, boat rentals, a skating rink, a mini-golf course and picnic spots.

The new redesign plan will include building a café overlooking the lagoon and a pedestrian focused central square. Improving circulation in the park is also a priority by limiting vehicles to one area, increasing and formalizing the pathway system, and ensuring better emergency access.

The report is expected to go before council on Monday.

***Image: Bowness Park's conceptual redevelopment plan

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