Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deputy Chief Sampson explains The City's role in addressing H1N1

Today I spoke with Deputy Chief Tom Sampson of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) about how The City of Calgary intends to deal with H1N1.

CEMA is the team that responds to potential and actual emergencies and disasters – such as a pandemic - and ensures that there are appropriate prevention measures in place.

CEMA has developed a plan to ensure that the critical services that Calgarians depend on every day such as Transit, Police, Fire and the 9-1-1 service remain available in the face of any potential H1N1 outbreak.

CEMA works directly with Alberta Health Services, who are responsible for H1N1 provincially and the Public Health Agency of Canada, who are responsible nationally.

In the video below, Chief Sampson explains that Alberta Health Services is the lead for all H1N1 information, prevention and treatment, but Calgarians should taking appropriate steps to keep their family and themselves healthy.

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