Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glenmore Trail Improves - Graves Bridge Twinned

Whether travelling by car, bicycle or on foot, the commute to work via Glenmore Trail east just got a whole lot smoother.

The City of Calgary has announced it has finished construction on the Graves Bridge Twinning and Glenmore Trail Improvements project.

The new bridge crosses the Bow River immediately north of and parallel to the existing Graves Bridge and is as one of the most significant improvements to the Glenmore Trail corridor east of Deerfoot Trail.

Drivers will be pleased that the new bridge will improve traffic flow over the river. The City’s east-side should move-along nicely too due to the widening of Glenmore Trail to three lanes in each direction between Deerfoot Trail and 18 Street S.E.

Originally constructed in the 1960s, Glenmore Trail and the Graves Bridge helped make further development east of the Bow River possible. As this area has grown rapidly, twinning the Graves Bridge and the improvements to Glenmore Trail was deemed a necessity to improving citizens commutes and the movement of goods.

During construction, the disruption of wildlife was minimized by The City working within strict guidelines set by Alberta Environment, Department of Fisheries and Ocean and Transport Canada. For example, wildlife corridors were not blocked by construction and work done in the Bow River was done outside of fish spawning times.

This project also helps encourage alternate modes of transportation. One of four lanes on the new Graves Bridge is currently dedicated for pedestrian use and provides better access to the regional pathway system on both sides the Bow River.

As traffic needs increase this lane will be converted for vehicles and a pedestrian bridge will be built.

What are your thoughts? Has this eased your Glenmore East commute?

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