Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mayor Bronconnier announces contract for the construction of West LRT

Mayor Bronconnier kicked off the construction of the West LRT Project today with the announcement that SNC Lavalin and its partners have been awarded the design-build contract for the project.

SNC Lavalin will both design and construct the West LRT line and its stations with a target completion date of late 2012. The City believes that constructing the West LRT in this manner will be more timely and cost effective – the whole line will be built in less than three years compared to the two years to extend an existing LRT line to a new station that it usually takes.

While crediting the design-build method for ensuring Calgarians receive value for their money and excellence in project execution, Mayor Bronconnier says that Calgary’s communities also deserve some recognition as well.

“Thank you goes out to the surrounding communities in helping this project move forward and for their patience during construction. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2012 when the West LRT line is open for service,” said The Mayor.

The below conceptual animation of the future West LRT can also be found on the West LRT website.

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