Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Queen’s Park Cemetery’s Mausoleum Opens

The final phase of Queen’s Park Mausoleum was officially opened yesterday, completing Calgary’s only public burial vault.

Although prominent in Europe, the United States and eastern Canada, this mausoleum is one-of-a-kind in western Canada.

“Building a mausoleum has its advantages,” says Archie Lang, the City’s manager of Parks Northeast division.

“With space for cemeteries dwindling, a mausoleum is a good way to make efficient use of land space. It also provides a peaceful and comfortable environment for those visiting their loved ones because it is climate controlled, and was built and designed as a natural and serene environment, bringing elements of the outdoors, inside,” says Lang.

The 3rd phase cost $10 million, but that money will be recompensed once the 1,400 new crypts and 400 urn niche’s are purchased - with enough to cover the mausoleum's future upkeep through the Perpetual Care Fund.

Queen’s Park Cemetery currently has a decade’s worth of space according to Lang, with The City continually looking to acquire more land for burial ground purposes.

Originally built in 1997 and with a north wing added in 2000, this final phase features stained glass, Italian marble, an indoor chapel and a two-storey water wall.

Lang says that many cultures and religions prefer this form of burial to an earth burial.

“The most striking feature is a two-storey water wall,” he says, a natural element to add to a peaceful environment. The Mausoleum is situated in a landscaped setting at Queen’s Park Cemetery on 32 Ave. and 4 St. N.W.

Image source: The 3rd phase's double couch crypts beneath a water feature.

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