Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gardens scream 'Hooray' for leaf and pumpkin recycling

City of Calgary Parks would like to thank the citizens of Calgary for providing them with so much yummy and nutritious rich black soil from composted leaves and pumpkins.

“Suffering through the cold and ice isn’t so bad, knowing that in Spring I’m going to get churned with some of the good stuff – the pumpkin composted soil,” said a flower garden in Confederation Park, who admittedly was looking a little worse for wear.

Lindsay Lofthouse, a Waste Diversion Specialist with The City, said that most parks will be beaming and brimming with life once they get their share of soil from composted material, which is at about 480 tonnes so far this year.

“There were mountains of leaves left for recycle last weekend,” said Lofthouse, “We’re hoping this weekend will be the same.”

Leaf and pumpkin recycling began on October 3rd and Calgarians have until Sunday evening, November 15th, to drop of their piles of raked remains and withered Jack-O-Lanterns.

Last year 2,200 tonnes of leaves and pumpkins were recycled in the program that began in 1989.

One patch of crumbly soil in Reader Rock Garden said she’s hoping other citizens follow the example of those in Confederation Park, North Glenmore, Crescent Heights and Bonavista, who are tipping the scales with their hefty bags of dried, donated leaves.

“It’s like being reborn,” said the frosty soil, “after the snowy flowerless days, and cold dark nights, once I feel that first shovel of composted sun-soaked soil, I know I’m in for another great summer of visits from people that literally come to smell my roses.”

***Image: Bags of leaves get ready for compost at the East Calgary landfill site and at a community depot.

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