Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giving a pet for Christmas? Why not an adopt-a-pet gift certificate?

Every year after the holiday season, countless dogs and cats that were well-intentioned Christmas gifts are either abandoned or surrendered to shelters and pet rescue organizations says The City's Director of Animal and Bylaw Services, Bill Bruce.

In response to this tragic situation, The City of Calgary is encouraging citizens to give pet adoption gift certificates as presents, rather than buying a pet for the person on their shopping list.

“We encourage citizens to make educated decisions before buying or adopting a pet. We want Calgarians to do their research and thoughtfully choose a pet that matches their lifestyle and home situation,” says Bruce.

"Animal and Bylaw Services staff can then help customers find a cat or dog that will be a good fit for their homes, lifestyles and family."

Gift certificates are available now for Christmas and through 2010. They have no expiry date and are available in any denomination. The certificates can be used to cover all or part of the cost of adopting a dog or cat from Animal and Bylaw Services or to pay for pet licensing fees.

Gift certificates can be purchased by contacting 3-1-1 or by visiting the Animal Services Centre at 2201 Portland Street S.E.

There are currently 53 cats and 25 dogs at the animal shelter that are anxiously waiting to be claimed by their owners or to be adopted into new homes. Some of the cats have been in the shelter since June.

Calgarians looking for a companion pet for themselves are encouraged to view the pets available for adoption by visiting or coming down to the Animal Services Centre.

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