Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ailing owl an unusual pick up for CTrain operator

A Calgary Transit CTrain operator had a very unusual pick up this morning in the form of a huge bird of prey.

At 6:30 a.m., CTrain operator Warren Duclan noticed a pair of glowing yellow eyes on the track as he headed west approaching the Bridgland Station. The large bird quickly “flipped and flopped” under the train platform.

According to Brian Moreland, the on-duty CTrain supervisor, Duclan got out of the train’s cab, went under the platform and was able to wrap what turned out to be a Great Horned owl with his vest.

He then returned to the CTrain and proceeded downtown with the passengers.

Moreland said that it was coincidental that he happened to be on duty because he is a volunteer at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and was able to pick up the ailing bird and deliver it to the animal rescue clinic.

The Great Horned owl is also fortunate that Duclan has worked extensively with animals in the Phillipines.

The staff at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society are currently caring for the ailing owl - stay tuned and we'll provide the owl's progress reports.

***CTrain operator Warren Duclan and Sara Jordan-McLachlan, Wildlife Technician with the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society with the Great Horned owl.

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