Monday, December 14, 2009

Calgary’s Eighth Street CTrain Station opens

On Friday, Dec. 18, The City will open the new Eighth Street S.W. CTrain Station along the Seventh Avenue corridor.

“The opening of the new Eighth Street S.W. Station is another stepping stone in revitalizing Calgary’s downtown core and addressing the transportation needs of Calgarians”, said Mac Logan, Director of Transportation Infrastructure.

The new platform is more pedestrian friendly with increased visibility and better lighting than older platforms downtown. It is the fourth platform to be constructed as part of the Seventh Avenue Refurbishment Project.

According to Calgary Transit Director, Fred Wong, corridor renovations are intended to improve pedestrian and business access and to accommodate future ridership growth.

“Replacing the downtown CTrain Stations is an essential step towards introducing future four-car trains to the LRT system, increasing our capacity, and providing quality service to more customers,” said Wong.

Refurbishment also includes streetscape and sidewalk improvements, as well as upgrades to street furnishings. Following the removal of the current Eighth Street Station, the 800 block along Seventh Avenue will be upgraded to a more pedestrian-friendly environment with a new sidewalk and lighting fixtures.

The Seventh Avenue Transit Corridor feeds Calgary’s downtown business core, commercial center and residences.

In the spirit of the season, The City will be hosting a public event to celebrate the grand opening of the new platform and will be distributing free holiday treats in exchange for non-perishable donations to the Calgary Food Bank.

Attend the new Eighth Street Station between 7 – 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 18 for seasonal entertainment, free hot cocoa and a holiday food drive.

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