Thursday, December 17, 2009

Calgary's Heritage moves forward

Calgary’s heritage designations have seen a 47 per cent increase this year, bringing the total municipal heritage resources to 31 according to The City’s Heritage Planner.

“This is an important gain for heritage in Calgary,” said Clint Robertson. “The designation and legal protection as historic resources ensures their longevity in Calgary’s future planning and development”.

Ten sites were designated in 2009 including some notable locales such as The Simmons Factory Warehouse (1912), which produced beds for the Canadian military in World War II, and is now a welcoming, modern, renovated office and part of the East Village revitalization; the Nellie McClung House (1907) was once home to the woman who garnered the right for women to serve in the Canadian Senate, and now offers character office space; and Customs House (1916) which was the federal government’s customs house in Calgary from 1916 until 1979 and now home to an architecture firm and music foundation.

In 2009, The City of Calgary also added 65 additional evaluated properties to its Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources, bring the total to 550 to continue making progress for heritage preservation in the city.

For a site to be included in The City’s Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources it must be at least 25 years old and meet 15 criteria, established in 2008, related to both the significance and integrity of a site.

“The continued growth of the inventory is an important step in managing historic resources in our city”, said Robertson, adding that the role of individuals in identifying these sites really adds value and meaning to the process.

“People are passionate about these places and resources and what they mean to them. We are very diligent and comprehensive in the evaluation process to show these sites the respect they deserve as reminders of the roots of our city”.

2009 Sites Statutorily Designated, by Bylaw, as Municipal Historic Resources:

1. Southern Alberta Pioneers’ Memorial Building – 3625 4 St. S.W.
2. Jackson Residence – 1723 9 St. S.W.
3. Gray Residence – 3106 Parkdale Blvd. N.W.
4. Simmons Factory Warehouse – 618 Confluence Way S.E.
5. Underwood Block Annex – 1325 1 St. S.W.
6. Nellie McClung House – 803 15 Ave. S.W.
7. Devenish Apartments – 908 17 Ave. S.W.
8. Macnab Wing of the Holy Cross Hospital – 2210 2 St. S.W.
9. Customs House – 134 11 Ave. S.W.
10. Alberta Hotel – 804 1 St. S.W.

For more information on evaluation process and other heritage initiatives at The City of Calgary please visit:

Visit here if you'd like information on Calgary's 2010 Heritage Calendar.

Images: The Alberta Hotel then and now on 8th Ave. and 1st St. S.W..

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