Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow Angels return to Calgary

For the seventh straight year Calgarians are helping a neighbor keep their sidewalks clear of ice and snow by being a Snow Angel.

“We’re asking their neighbours become a Snow Angel by pitching in, adopting a sidewalk, and helping to keep it clear of snow, ” said Rick Kanik, The City’s Seniors Services Manager.

The Snow Angels campaign was initiated by The City of Calgary as a way to respond to the growing number of older adults affected by icy sidewalks. The latest civic census reports that there are 98,572 people over the age of 65 living in Calgary and approximately 95% are living in the community.

Older adults and others whose sidewalks are ‘adopted’ are asked to send their story to the city and officially recognize their Snow Angel. Calgarians can nominate their Snow Angel by calling 3-1-1 or filling out an online form at and following the links to 3-1-1 or simply call 3-1-1.

All nominated Snow Angels are also entered into a draw for a WestJet travel voucher and Calgary Flames tickets and are also recognized by Mayor Bronconnier.

“This program is a win-win for Calgary,” said Kanik. “Sidewalks are cleared and safe, older adults are not put at risk undertaking activities which may harm them, and those who help out are recognized for their efforts.”

The City of Calgary reminds residents and businesses the Streets Bylaw requires sidewalks adjacent to property to be cleared of snow and ice down to pavement within 24 hours after a snowfall.

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