Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calgary named Canada’s "most attractive" city

Calgary has been named Canada’s most attractive city to migrants, along with Waterloo, Ottawa, Vancouver, St. John’s and Richmond Hill according to a Conference Board of Canada report.

“Cities that fail to attract new people will struggle to stay prosperous and vibrant,” said Mario Lefebvre, Director of the Centre for Municipal Studies. “These six cities come out on top across all rankings, so they appear to have an overall winning combination that is attractive to migrants. Although it would be hard to imagine a more diverse group of cities, each has particular strengths that make them magnets to newcomers, both from within Canada and abroad.”

City Magnets II: Benchmarking the Attractiveness of 50 Canadian Cities, analyzed 50 Canadian cities based on 41 indicators including health, economy, environment, society, education, innovation and housing to rank the places most attractive to skilled workers and mobile populations.

Calgary finished first in terms of economy and innovation and second nationally for housing.

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