Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calgary Transit service lane staff assist with Haiti relief

Each year, Calgary Transit’s bus service lane employees collect thousands of bottles and cans that are left behind on transit vehicles. The empties are recycled and the refund donated to a charity of the staff’s choice.

The choice of which charity to support from the 2009 bottle and cans service lane recycling program was made easy by the devastation in Haiti.

A “Recycle for Relief” donation of $4,000 is being made to the Canadian Red Cross earmarked to assist in Haiti.

The Canadian Red Cross is mobilizing to support relief efforts in Haiti—providing medical support, clean water, food and shelter to people who have lost everything.

“What is also impressive is that the Canadian government will match our donation dollar for dollar so we feel we have maximized the potential of this year’s donation,” said Steve Sammartino, Calgary Transit’s service lanes coordinator.

"We're thankful to Calgary Transit for their generosity" said Andres Gutierrez, Fund Development Coordinator, Canadian Red Cross, Alberta. "People in Haiti are in desperate need of help and your support will truly make a difference."

Calgary Transit employs 68 service lane attendants, working at three transit garages, responsible for the daily cleaning and servicing of the 1,000 buses in Calgary Transit’s fleet. Calgary Transit’s service lane attendants have found a way to contribute to our community by cashing in recyclables. In addition to the newspapers, mittens and umbrellas often left behind by passengers, thousands of bottles and cans are separated from garbage every year, and the money is used to support a charity selected by the employees.

Donate to Haiti relief

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