Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calgary's 9-1-1 call centre to track cellphones using GPS

Calgary’s 9-1-1 call centre is able to track cellphones within metres now that it has upgraded to new technology.

The upgrade will improve emergency response times in situations where the caller is unable to speak or identify where they are.

The new system uses global positioning technology and signals from nearby cellphone towers to determine a caller's whereabouts to within three to six metres. For calls in more remote areas or using phones without GPS capabilities the caller’s location won’t be as easy to pinpoint.

Nearly half of Calgary’s 9-1-1 calls are from cellphones. This service meets the Telecommunications Commission's Feb. 1 deadline to have this technology up and running.
The current system won’t work with pay-as-you go or on “roaming” services but Bell, Rogers, Telus and Wind Mobile costumers will be covered.

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