Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canada's cities unite to rebuild Haiti

Canada’s largest cities are teaming-up to help the island-nation of Haiti recover from one of the most devastating earthquakes on record.

The Big City Mayors Caucus of Canada unanimously endorsed a proposal put forward by the cities of Calgary and Montreal to support the region by primarily reconstructing essential infrastructure.

The plan calls for the cities to create a “pool of expertise" and work in close collaboration with the Federal Government, Non-Governmental Agencies and Haitian authorities. Assistance would be offered according to needs on the ground in Haiti, ranging from areas such as protective services, civil engineering and construction, water and sewer services, etc.

"This is a tragedy of epic proportions,” said Mayor Dave Bronconnier, adding the skills and efforts of civic employees can help build infrastructure and get essential services running.

“We're eager to mobilize our people, and focus their skills and efforts to helping the people of Haiti."

Speaking on behalf of The City of Montreal, Counseiller Claude Dauphin said, "The relationship between our city and Haiti is very strong and very important to us. We have already sent police officers, doctors and nurses to help during recovery, and the Haitian people can count on Montreal and all of Canada's big cities to help them through this."

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