Thursday, February 4, 2010

City's IT team wears jeans for Haiti

It’s casual Friday all month long for the staff of IT – if they decide to donate to Haiti’s relief effort.

Ingy Randhawa, The City’s Chief Information Technology Officer, said that his team wanted to do something to assist Haiti rebuild after the calamitous earthquake – and they decided to do something a little different – Wear Jeans for Haiti.

“We’re a bunch of geeks – if we can get away with wearing jeans we will – it’s a natural tendency,” said Ingy laughing. “We’re making a good cause out of it.”

Jan Bradley, a Supervisor with IT, said it was a collaborative effort by IT staff to pull together and contribute to the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.

“Wearing jeans was the catalyst to get donations rolling,” said Jan, who like much of her fellow employees has swapped business attire for Levi’s and donated a minimum of $20 for the good cause.

Participants are also wearing a tag stating: “Blue Jeans Days – IT for Haiti!”
So far $3,000 has been raised by IT staff for the Canadian Red Cross, which will be matched by the federal government. Donations are expected to continue.

“We are shell shocked watching what’s happening in Haiti on TV and people wonder, ‘What can I do to help?’” said Ingy.

“This is a small way of saying, ‘Yes, I can help.’”

For Haiti donation options please click here.

***Jan Bradley, an IT Supervisor with The City shows her “Blue Jeans Days – IT for Haiti!” tag - $3000 have been raised in the first week.

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