Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 13: Calgary Olympics: 16 Days of Glory

Here are a few Day 13 Olympic memories.

Vancouver Winter Olympics Day 13, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010

Calgary Winter Olympics Day 13, Thursday, Feb. 25, 1988
  • Canada (and U.S.) have 4 medals so far - Soviet Union has 22
  • Lebanese skier Karim Sabbagh, an MBA student and works at an agency, says he was only able to ski five times the previous year to prepare for the Olympic games.
  • Calgary's Electric Avenue has a few problems with over 10,000 partiers emptying bars at closing time.
  • Scalpers have a field day with one boasting he got $75 for the Sweden vs. Czechoslovakia hockey game. Most Scalpers couldn't get any tickets for the Canada vs. Soviet match - but one said he wouldn't let his tickets go for less than $150 a piece.
  • Sweden beat the Czechs 6-2 and Finland beats West Germany 8 - 0 in the quarter finals.
  • Alberto Tomba wins gold in men's giant slalom - all four Canadians were disqualified for wearing ski suits that had never been tested as legal
  • Katarina Witt wows the crowd and is set up with Elizabeth Manley for a fight for gold.

Elizabeth Manley from Canada holds her final pose and finishes third in the short program in women’s figure skating.

Jumping to a first place finish in the short program was Katarina Witt from the German Democratic Republic.

Gold medallist Tamara Tikhonova from the USSR pushes hard up a hill in the 20km cross-country ski competition.

The flamboyant Italian Alberto Tomba gives his thumbs up after winning the gold medal in the men’s giant slalom.

American Melanie Palenik performs a maneuver during the freestyle skiing ballet event. Palenik finished sixth in the demonstration sport.

***Images Courtesy of The City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives

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