Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 16: Calgary Olympics: 16 Days of Glory

Here are a few Day 16 Olympic memories.

Vancouver Winter Olympics Day 16, Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010

Calgary Winter Olympics Day 16, Sunday, Feb. 28, 1988
  • Tears flow as the games come to an end
  • Closing ceremonies are rated one of the best spectacles in Olympic history
  • Soviets win gold in hockey, Finns second and Sweden bronze.
  • Elizabeth Manley basks in new fame after silver medal win
  • "World's largest guest book" receives 110,000 signatures on Stephen Avenue
  • Brian Orser contemplates retirement while Kurt Browning could be the next big one

During the closing ceremonies the Olympic Flag is lowered drawing the XV Winter Olympic Games to a close.

Canadian athletes parade into McMahon stadium to wave good-bye and salute Calgary’s sucessful hosting of the Games.

The Olympic Flame burns its last minutes in Calgary during the closing ceremonies at McMahon Stadium.

Spectators raise candle flames to offer a final salute to Calgary’s Winter Games.

Flame Skaters spin in a dazzling display of colour and dance on ice.

Soviet hockey legend Viatcheslav Fetisov stands triumphantly on the podium with the gold medal in ice hockey.

***Images Courtesy of The City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives

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