Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 2: Calgary Olympics: 16 Days of Glory

Here are a few Day 2 Olympic memories.

Vancouver Olympics Day 2 - Saturday, February, 13 2009
Calgary Olympics Day 2 - Sunday February 14, 1988
  • Downhill competition is postponed as Nakiska feels the brunt of hurricane winds
  • Calgary relaxes is liquor laws for Sundays during the Olympics. Bars were allowed to serve alcohol, even if customers weren't puchasing a meal, as law dictated.

Crowds at Nakiska waited for the men’s downhill but strong winds postponed the event.

Czechoslovakian ski jumpers embrace after the 70m ski jump competition. Pavel Ploc (center) won silver and Jiri Malec (right) won bronze.

One of the members of the Jamaican bobsleigh team warms up before their training run.

Medal winners from the women’s 10km cross-country ski competition wave to the audience during the medal presentations at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary. From left to right: Raisa Smetanina from the USSR (silver), Vida Ventsene from the USSR (gold), Marjo Matikainen from Finland (bronze).

***Images Courtesy of The City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives

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