Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 5: Calgary Olympics: 16 Days of Glory

Here are a few Day 5 Olympic memories.

Vancouver Winter Olympics Day 5, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010
Calgary Winter Olympics Day 5, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1988
  • Team Canada's men's hockey team is 2-0 after beating the Swiss 4-2.
  • U.S.S.R. leads the games with 7 medals.
  • Fittingly, Canada which consumes more donuts per capita than any other, has zero
  • Fan's frustration begins to grow with Canada's medal drought, while Canadian team officials call for patience.
  • Eddie the Eagle seeks reprieve from the press, to focus on his upcoming 90 metre jump.
  • Team France is outscored 23-3 in its two mens hockey games.
  • Russian star, Sergei Makarov, 29, who many considered to be the best hockey winger in the game, fuels rumours that he may request to leave the Societ Union and join an NHL team.
  • Calgary Flames leading scorers: Mike Bullard and rookie Joe Nieuwendyk, both with 73 points. Mario Lemieux leads the league with 120, Wayne Gretzky has 104.
  • Team Canada's leading scorers after two games: Gord Sherven and Marc Habsheid.
  • Figure Skater Katarina Witt enters the picture - setting the city abuzz.
  • Brian Orser sits in 3rd place after compulsory skate, behind Brian Boitano and Alexander Fadeev
  • Austria's Hubert Strolz wins alpine combined gold medal.
  • Sweden's Tomas Gustafson wins gold in men's 5,000 metre speed skating.
  • Marjo Matikainen of Finland wins cross country skiing gold

Dutch fans at the Olympic Oval show their support for their skaters. Holland had to settle for the silver and bronze medals after Tomas Gustafson from Sweden captured the gold in the men’s 5000m.

USA’s Corey Millen gets a shot off at Soviet goaltender Sergei Mylinkov. The American ice hockey team made a strong come back but lost to the dominant Soviet team 7-5.

Medal winners from the women’s 5km blind cross-country ski stand victorious on the podium. Athletes in this exhibition event were led down the course by guides.

Canada’s Brian Orser traces a figure in the men’s compulsory skate at the Father David Bauer Arena.

***Images Courtesy of The City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives

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