Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 7: Calgary Olympics: 16 Days of Glory

Here are a few Day 7 Olympic memories ...

Vancouver Winter Olympics Day 7, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010

Calgary Winter Olympics Day 7, Friday, Feb. 19, 1988
  • Karen Percy of Banff wins Canada's first-ever Olympic medal on home soil.
  • Chief international negotiator for Hockey Canada, Alan Eagleson confirms plan to allow Soviet players to be released to NHL teams.
  • East Germans, Jeorg Hoffman and Jochen Pietzsch win gold in the men's double luge event.
  • Olympic organizing committee chairman, Frank King defends Games' wind-plagued venues in the face of criticism.
  • Local electronics store advertises a special on cellular telephones for $1,298 (antenna included).

Christopher Herberle from Australia takes a breather at the finish in the 15km cross-country ski event at Canmore Nordic Centre.

Joerg Hoffmann and Jochen Pietzch of the German Democratic Republic take home gold medals for the men's luge doubles.

Karen Percy from Canada waves to the crowd during the medal presentation at Olympic Plaza. Karen won a bronze in the women's downhill and Canada's first Olympic medal on home soil.

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