Monday, February 1, 2010

Interim Snow and Ice Control Policy to take effect immediately

The City of Calgary’s Transportation Department will implement a revised interim snow and ice control policy effective today.

This acting policy features adjustments to how roadways are addressed and the type of action to be taken during and following snowfalls.

Perhaps the biggest change that citizens will notice will be increased snow plowing in residential neighbourhoods when ruts have accumulated to over 12 centimetres.

Significant aspects of the 14,000 lane kilometres that are affected by the interim snow and ice control policy include:
  • maintenance of an additional 7,000 lane kilometres of Roads, comprising residential streets and known trouble spots
  • maintenance of priority one routes, primary spot sanding and residential spot sanding to be treated at the same time
  • a focus on known trouble spots including, but not limited to: bus stops, steep grades and high collision locations
  • removal of windrows at the discretion of the Road Maintenance Manager
It’s important to note that parked vehicles, parking spaces and driveways may be impeded and sidewalks may be covered – home owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from those areas.

Implementation of this interim policy is estimated to cost approximately 75 cents per citizen, per month.

Please visit for more information on the interim policy.

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