Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Animal and Bylaw and Calgary Police win safety award

The City of Calgary was awarded the prestigious Jim Gray Corporate Award for making a “significant contribution to making Calgary a safer place to live and work,” last week.

This year, the Jim Gray Award, is being presented to a number of local agencies for their efforts to keep people safe while enjoying summer activities along the Elbow and Bow Rivers, adjacent pathways and City Parks.

“It’s great to be recognized and it shows we’re on the right track,” said Bill Bruce, Director of Animal and Bylaw Services.

Members of Calgary Police Service, Animal & Bylaw Services, Calgary Fire Department, EMS and the Calgary Parking Authority all participated in Operation Webfoot, a rafting awareness and enforcement campaign during the summer months of 2009.

The focus of the operation was to ensure that Calgarians were using safe practices and engaging in positive behaviour that was respectful of the law, but more importantly, other citizens.

“We’ve identified issues and we’re making progress,’ said Bruce, adding “We’re saying go out there and have fun – but do it safely.”

The operation was well received by the public who appreciated the increased uniform presence ensuring that everyone could enjoy the river and parks safely during the summer.

As part of the operation a number of tickets were issued, but most people were given a warning for activities such as failing to wear a Personal Floatation Device while on the river, the public consumption of liquor, littering, and inappropriate public conduct.

In total, 254 summonses were issued and over 3,000 warnings were delivered as officers attempted to increase awareness of safety issues. Over 400 bottles or cans of alcohol were also seized and several hundred people without life jackets were stopped from entering the river.

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