Thursday, March 18, 2010

Calgarians Say Centre City is Safer, Cleaner

Calgarians say the Centre City is safer and cleaner over the past year, according the first Centre City Citizen Perception Survey which was conducted by phone earlier this year.

"Our investment in the Centre City is working," said Mayor Dave Bronconnier. "We've invested over $16 million in operating dollars in the Centre City, and added more than 100 officers to enhance cleanliness and safety, and to create a more vibrant core. And, it's clear Calgarians are seeing results with a cleaner, safer and more vibrant core."

Ninety per cent of citizens say that safety has improved or stayed the same and over 85 per cent are satisfied with the cleanliness of Centre City parks, pathways, sidewalks and streets.

The survey questions focused on downtown infrastructure, transportation and safety.

Of those surveyed, nine out of 10 Calgarians said they felt safe alone in the Centre City during daytime hours and nine out of 10 Centre City residents agreed it was a desirable place to live. Ten per cent of Calgarians that live outside the core indicated they were “somewhat” or “very likely” to relocate downtown.

Additional findings include:
  • Nine in 10 Calgarians reported that cleanliness in the Centre City has improved (27%) or stayed the same (62%) over the past year.
  • 90% of Calgarians reported that safety in the Centre City has improved (42%) or remained the same (48%) over the past year.
  • Calgarians living in the Centre City noted the greatest improvements related to safety and cleanliness of the core in comparison to the other groups surveyed.
  • Two in three Calgarians said they were aware of the Calgary Police Services Beat Team initiative.
  • The most popular modes of transportation used by Calgarians to travel within the Centre City were reported as personal car (41%), walking and/or running (34%) and transit (21% LRT and bus).
Why Did The City of Calgary Conduct the Centre City Citizen Perception Survey?

In 2007, Calgary’s City Council approved The Centre City Plan. Since then The City has made a significant investment to implement the Plan and achieve its vision of a liveable, thriving and caring core.

Centre City Implementation co-ordinates corporate reporting, accountability and initiatives for the Centre City. The Centre City Citizen Perception Survey is part of this reporting process, and the survey’s purpose is to:
  • Assess the effectiveness of City of Calgary actions and initiatives in the Centre City.
  • Provide a benchmark against which future Centre City actions and initiatives can be gauged.
  • Generate information that may help The City of Calgary business units to better deliver programs and services within the Centre City.
The Centre City Citizen Perception Survey involved a stratified random sampling of 1,127 Calgarians over the age of 18. The telephone survey was conducted by research firm IPSOS Reid between November 12 to November 27, 2009. The survey data was analyzed and compiled by The City of Calgary’s Business & Marketing Research division. Results of a survey of this size are considered accurate to within +/- 2.3 percentage points, nineteen times out of twenty.

The survey’s key findings are available on The City of Calgary’s website under Quarterly Update Winter 2010.

About Calgary’s Centre City

Calgary’s Centre City is where 159,000 Calgarians work at over 6,000 businesses. It is home to more than 30,000 people, 36 attractions, 25 annual festivals and 20 public parks.

The Centre City includes downtown and the surrounding communities of the Beltline (comprising the neighbourhoods of Connaught Centre, West Connaught Centre and East Victoria Crossing Centre), Chinatown, East Village, Eau Claire and the West End. The borders are the Bow and Elbow Rivers to the north and east and 17 Avenue South and 14 Street West.

Click here to see a Centre City map.

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