Monday, April 5, 2010

Calgarians urged to limit their speed when driving

As warm weather approaches and pedestrian traffic increases, The City of Calgary’s Transportation Department is actively reminding Calgarians to “limit your speed”.

The City of Calgary is launching our Limit Your Speed campaign to increase driver awareness about the importance of following posted speed limits.

“The campaign is aimed at reminding Calgarians to be aware of their speed and the consequences that are associated with speeding” says Troy McLeod, City Traffic Manager. “The fact is that one in every four collisions is a result of speeding.”

Throughout April, Calgarians will see signs and banners posted throughout the city. City staff will be sharing information at a number of community open houses and school events and reminders will be running on The City’s 106.5 FM Traffic Advisory Radio.

The City will also be installing 14 solar powered devices in various communities throughout Calgary that will tell motorists if they are driving faster than the posted speed limit. These devices are useful reminders to motorists to slow down.

“These new devices will increase driver awareness and observance of posted speed limits, especially on residential roadways,” says McLeod. “The program conveys community concerns about speeding and effectively balances enforcement activities with an educational component.”

The City is also reminding motorists that they must slow to 60 km/h, or less if the posted speed is lower, when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks stopped with their lights flashing. Fines for speeding in these areas are double the regular amount.

Driving above the posted speed limit reduces your ability to steer safely around curves or objects on the road; reduces the effectiveness of roadside hardware such as barriers, crash cushions and bridge rails; and decreases your field of vision and your peripheral vision. Limit your speed…It’s worth it!

For more information on this Transportation initiative or to download a copy of the 30-second PSA, visit

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