Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calgary launches new bike and pathway map

Calgarians will have an easier way to navigate the close to 1000 kilometres of pathways and on-street bicycle routes, with The City’s 2010 revision of the interactive Pathway and Bikeways Map.

The layered map shows Calgary’s regional pathways, Trans Canada Trail, on-street bicycle routes, pedestrian/bicycle bridges, snow cleared routes as well as LRT stations and parking lots along pathways to plan your journey.

“This map allows people the opportunity to get out and be active and healthy, whether they are looking for a route to run or ride for fun, or a route to commute to work,” said Donna Sinclair, Parks marketing advisor.

Connie Brander, a City mapping analyst, said the map’s user experience is greatly improved.

“The interactive zoom capability is more robust than the original map that was launched in 2008,” said Brander. “And the map is very accurate because it uses geospatial data provided by the City’s mapping team.”

Creating the map was a coordinated effort between The City’s Land Information & Mapping, Parks and Transportation Planning business units. It was built in-house by developers with Customer Service & Communications.

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