Friday, March 19, 2010

Millrise fire: trapped pets rescued

Victims of the MIllrise fire have been reunited with pets that were trapped in the fire.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said Glen Porter, a coordinator with Animal and Bylaw Services.

100 per cent of pets that have been reported and registered by the condo-dwellers have been rescued and returned to their owners.

Nineteen animals were recovered from site, including five dogs, nine cats, two bearded dragons, one hedgehog with babies and two birds.

The most dramatic rescue was a cat that was trapped in a 4th floor condo. Firefighters sprayed the cat with water to keep the flames at bay and were able to rescue it.

“She should be back with her owner tomorrow,” said Porter. Shawnessy South Pet Hospital is currently taking care of the cat and covering the medical costs.

Firefighters retrieved a second cat from the same unit hours later.

Yesterday, Calgary Police rescued two dogs while knocking on doors to evacuate the burning building.

“A distraught couple were worried about their dogs and we had them siting in the police cruiser,” said Porter, saying it was a tremendous effort by not only City staff, including 3-1-1 operators fielding calls from worried pet owners, but by the residents themselves to register with the Animal and Bylaw Services team.

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