Thursday, March 18, 2010

Transit and Fleet aim for safety and efficiency

City of Calgary vehicles really rack-up the miles, and safely.

In 2009, Calgary Transit drove approximately 50 million kilometres, while Fleet Services clocked another 22 million.

This is why in January 2009, a Vehicle Safety Committee (VSC) was formed to address, review and evaluate The City’s on-road performance.

“Together, we will strive to be the very best National Safety Code (NSC) operator in Alberta,” added Jean-paul Boyes, a training coordinator with Calgary Transit.

“Considering we have a transit ridership of 94 million passengers and an overall City fleet that operates more than 72 million kilometres per year, we are exceptionally safe.” We estimate one preventable collision for every 605,000 kms travelled,” said Boyes.

Committee members include representatives from Calgary Police Service, the Calgary Fire Department, Fleet Services and Calgary Transit.

The committee looks at the processes of all commercial vehicle operations, reviewing such questions as: “How are we doing? And, How do we measure up?” and ensures Calgary Transit and Fleet meet all legislation requirements and maintain inspection schedules.

Team coordinator, Brent Tario, said “The existence of this committee allows us to collectively compare our training and evaluation processes together, to raise the bar and improve carrier performance in the provincial and public eye.”

Other initiatives included driving evaluations on 1,000 operators and offering 300 employees enhanced driving courses.

Fleet Training Officer, Mike Ford, summed up driver performance at The City of Calgary:

“Our driver training programs are second to none and this committee is in place to ensure we continue to perform and comply provincially in all aspects of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.”

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