Tuesday, April 13, 2010

City Hall tour guides recognized for volunteer service

City of Calgary tour guides were recognized in council yesterday for over 15 years of service.

Marg Ellis, Clare Goetz, Shelagh Morrison, Marie Nelson, and Cheryl Peters have been providing complimentary guided tours of the Calgary Civic Complex since 1993.

“These volunteers have been great ambassadors for The City of Calgary and have contributed much by sharing their interest in municipal government with others,” said Mayor Dave Bronconnier, at the ceremony.

A City employee began providing tours of the Administration and Sandstone buildings in the early 1970s. In 1985 when the Municipal Building opened, the program was expanded to offer tours of the new Council Chamber and the open atrium concept, something that was relatively new to the office work environment.

A more formalized program was developed and more volunteers were added during the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. Tour guides and Hosts in ‘red serge’ jackets proudly provided tours and information about our buildings.

Their enthusiasm and dedication to the program over the years has been amazing,“ said Laurie Daniluk, the program's volunteer coordinator. “We are grateful and appreciative of their hard work and commitment to the program.”

The City of Calgary volunteer tour program has evolved and grown to inform visitors about the workings of municipal government, the Calgary Municipal Complex and what city hall does in our city. Those that benefit the most are grade 6 students as part of their social studies curriculum. Tours are also given to seniors groups, scout troops and English as a second language students.

In addition to providing guided tours, these volunteers have also provided support at various City functions including numerous conventions, sports recognitions, royal visits, dignitary visits, grand openings at City facilities and more.

“On behalf of Council, I would like to thank each of you for your many years of service and dedication to the Tour Guide Program, and I hope that you will continue to play a part in the program for many years to come,” said Bronconnier.

For more information on Civic Complex tours please visit calgary.ca

***Photo courtesy of Duane Starr: Shelagh Morrison, Clare Goetz, Margaret Ellis, Marie Nelson, Cheryl Peters

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