Friday, April 9, 2010

City relocates osprey pole and nest

Thanks to a local environmental consulting company, an osprey will have a new home to return to this spring.

Last November, a serious windstorm caused the collapse of a light pole at the Broadview Athletic Park. At that time, the remaining seven poles were removed as a safety precaution. An osprey nest was located on one of those light posts, and the nest material was recovered by The City of Calgary and stored through winter.

Today, The City of Calgary Recreation and Parks, Calgary United Soccer Association and TERA Environmental Consultants teamed-up to reinstall the nest and nesting pole.

The new nest site is closer to the Bow River, right across Memorial Drive from the soccer field. It is a beneficial location for the fish-eating osprey. The old materials are being used for the new nest on the new platform for the osprey to continue building a family that area residents have grown to love. Soccer players are also rumoured to lament the missing fish bits and feathers often found on the field - gifts from the field's sentries perched high above.

TERA Environmental Consultants is a Calgary-based company and funded the majority of the costs to erect the relocated nesting pole.

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