Thursday, April 1, 2010

City Roads Spring Clean Up to begin

The City’s Spring Clean Up program is about to get underway. The annual work, beginning April 19, will remove sanding materials and other debris that has accumulated on roads and along major sidewalks and boulevards over the winter months.

“This will help make roads safer, protect the environment and improve the city’s aesthetics,” said Sean Somers, with The City of Calgary’s Transportation Department.

The City sweeps some 15,000 lane kilometres of paved roads, and getting the work done is a collaborative effort explained Somers.

“We need all Calgarians to be good neighbours – to watch for the signs in their neighbourhood, and to remove their vehicles and garbage or recycling carts from the roadway when they see them,” he said.

“We are coordinating with Waste and Recycling Services to reduce street cleaning on scheduled garbage and recycling days wherever possible, but blue and black carts left on the street can interfere with Spring Clean Up,” said Somers. “Place your cart on the sidewalk or grass boulevard next to the curb on the week your street is scheduled for cleaning.”

If your cart is picked up from a back lane, put it in the same place as normal. Make sure to leave at least one metre between the cart and surrounding objects.

If parking bans are in place, vehicles left on the roadway will be towed. If no bans are in place, vehicles or other obstructions on the road will be swept around, leaving behind debris.

Sweepers will most likely not be able to return to these streets because of the tight schedule.

“Moving vehicles from the roadway is a short-term inconvenience for the good of the city,” said Somers.

The program typically removes about 50,000 tonnes of debris. If poured into McMahon Stadium, the pile would be three metres deep.

The City's Street Cleaning Program consists of five main activities, which are implemented to maintain cleanliness of public thoroughfares throughout the year. These include: Winter Sweeping; Pre-Sweep of On-Street Bikeways; Spring Clean Up; Summer Sweeping; and Fall Leaf Sweeping.

Removing the loose material left after the winter helps to make the roads safer:
  • Keeps bikes, motorbikes and cars from sliding around
  • Cuts down on the rocks flung by vehicles
Spring clean up also protects the environment:
  • Reduces water pollution by preventing run-off of sanding material and debris into the storm water system
  • Reduces air pollution by cutting down the dust and other particles in the air
For more information and for tentative schedules, visit

Here are some educational Street Cleaning Videos.

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  1. Calgary street spring cleaning with 3 days window is ridiculous. All it takes is one day for a specific area. 3 days notice is to much. Waste of time and tax payer's money.