Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Littering - it'll cost you

Every spring, snow melts revealing the budding foliage of our lawns, parks and green spaces – and a lot of litter.

According to Animal and Bylaw Services, litter doesn’t just impact the natural environment, it also affects the health and safety of our communities. Garbage and cigarette butts on our lawns and in our parks are not just unsightly, but can pose a potential fire risk.

The City would like to remind Calgarians of the Bylaws that are in place to deal with litter in our streets and parks. Littering is against the law, and offenders risk being stuck with a hefty fine:

Littering $500
Littering from a vehicle $750
Disposing of a burning litter $1,000

Animal and Bylaw Services uses the Broken Window Theory to explain how litter affects our communities, exacerbating social disorder - the more litter there is, the more people will continue to litter.

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