Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Osprey returns to reinstalled nest along the Bow River

An Osprey seems to have found a new home that the City of Calgary, along with TERA Environmental Consultants erected a few weeks ago.

Last November, a serious windstorm caused the collapse of a light pole at the Broadview Athletic Park. At that time, the remaining seven poles were removed as a safety precaution. An osprey nest was located on one of those light posts, and the nest material was recovered by The City of Calgary and stored through winter.
On April 9, that pole was reinstalled along the north shore of the Bow River with hopes the Osprey would return, and yesterday it did.

“We’re very pleased to see the osprey pole in use in such a short time after installation. If they choose this as their nesting spot, the osprey will be building the nest and laying eggs in the next couple of weeks,” said Julie Guimond, an educator and wetland biologist with the City of Calgary, Parks.

By early June, the young should hatch and both parents will be around to help feed them.

“This is a great sign for the health of our river ecosystem, the efforts of Calgarians to keep it intact, and potential osprey-watching on the Bow River,” added Guimond.

TERA Environmental Consultants, who funded the erection of the pole, are equally excited.

“ We're very happy that we were able to work cooperatively with the City of Calgary and Enmax to provide the osprey with a nest to return to,” said Lois Pittaway, a Senior Wildlife Biologist with TERA. “Along with all Calgarians we look forward to watching them over the summer and for years to come.”

The pole is located on the north side of the Bow River, just east of Crowchild Trail.

Here is a video of the pole being moved from Broadview field and re-installed in it's new location and a link to that blog post.

***Yes the photo is small. It's an Osprey. Look really, really closely. Yes, there it is. The Osprey has landed.

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