Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocky Ridge Road Closure and NW LRT extension

Here is a video by City communicator Conrad Hild, describing the road closure, alternative routes and construction.

The access between Rocky Ridge Road and Crowchild Trail in northwest Calgary will be permanently closed this Saturday in order to meet the required expressway design standards for the Stoney Trail/Crowchild Trail interchange, and to facilitate construction of the LRT extension to the communities of Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak and Tuscany.

Andy Esarte, The City’s Project Manager. said the south end of Rocky Ridge Road is just too close to the planned interchange.

“It’s primarily a safety concern." he said. "When you try to create an access point that close to a systems interchange the result is a substandard and unsafe roadway.”

Esarte said The City has recently upgraded nine intersections in the communities with signals and traffic controls and extended a section of Country Hills Boulevard to help ease traffic congestion after the access closure. Delays are expected while traffic patterns are re-established.

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