Thursday, April 22, 2010

Water supply levels for North Calgary and Airdrie returned to normal

The water supply for northern Calgary and Airdrie has now returned to normal levels. The large water feedermain that was under maintenance is back in full working order.

“Thank you to those Calgarians and residents of Airdrie who cut back their water use over the past two days while we brought the feedermain back into the system. ,” said Stuart Peters, Team Lead with Water Services, also thanking corporate customers who reduced operational water use

The City asked residents and businesses in north Calgary and Airdrie to voluntarily reduce their water use starting Tuesday and ending last night because a section of a feedermain which supplies the north was shut down for regular maintenance.

"This type of maintenance is strategically scheduled during periods of historical lower water use, taking into consideration the short time frame between winter weather conditions and summer’s higher water use," said Peters.

Unseasonably warm temperatures and subsequent high water use throughout last weekend combined with the feedermain maintenance resulted in low levels of water reserves.

All Calgarians are reminded that water is a precious resource and good water management practices should be used every day. Here’s how Calgarians can use water wisely around their homes:

  • Use a rain barrel to capture and re-use rain water from your roof. If you don’t have a rain barrel you can get one at the 2010 Green Calgary rain barrel sale Saturday, May 1, 2010 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Brentwood, Anderson LRT parking lots and Richmond Co-op.
  • Choose water wise plants that once established grow well in Calgary’s climate (lists can be found at
  • Avoid wasting water by overwatering. Your lawn needs no more than one inch (25 mm) of water over the week - including rainfall). This encourages the roots of lawn to go deeper looking for water and help it survive the extreme conditions of summer. Overwatering creates a shallow root system that makes your lawn dependent on frequent watering.
  • Keep the water on your lawn – not the sidewalk or driveway. Water on the sidewalk or driveway is a sure sign that some water is being wasted. Check to see sprinklers or irrigation heads are directed onto your lawn. Water running off your lawn suggests your lawn could be saturated and has enough water.
  • Water in the morning to reduce water evaporation, when the temperature is cooler and there is little or no wind.
  • Keep your lawn three inches long. The longer grass will protect the roots from the sun and will help retain moisture in the soil. Longer roots will develop and the longer grass may even crowd out weeds.
  • Look for high-performing water-saving appliances such as low water use toilets - see
  • Use the dishwasher and washing machine only when required and with full loads.
  • Don’t let the tap run unnecessarily. This includes turning off the tap when brushing teeth, shaving and washing hands or face.
  • Limit showering to five minutes.
For more information about the water shortage, please read City Asks Calgarians in northeast/northwest and Airdrie residents to voluntarily limit water use.

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