Monday, May 3, 2010

7th Avenue Refurbishment Open House

Join The City's transportation team on the plus 15 level of The Core shopping centre for a public information session on Friday, May 7, between 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. to see design concepts for the new "gateway" stations on the east and west ends of downtown.

The 7th Avenue Transit Corridor extends from 4 Street S.E. to 11 Street S.W. in the heart of downtown Calgary. The Avenue has functioned for more than 25 years as the central east-west spine for Transit service.

There are currently 10 single direction CTrain platforms in service along 7th Avenue, as well as several major bus routes.

The high concentration of movement generated by CTrains and buses in the area has resulted in 7th Avenue becoming the most heavily used pedestrian area in downtown. The stations and sidewalks are quickly reaching the end of their lifespan with respect to size and capacity, functionality, appearance, and ability to absorb further growth.

Replacing the CTrain Stations on 7 Avenue is an essential step towards accommodating ridership growth and introducing future four-car trains to Calgary's LRT system. The 7th Avenue Corridor upgrades will also create a more pedestrian friendly environment, with wider sidewalks integrated directly into each platform, improved lighting, and enhanced streetscapes between stations.

The City of Calgary began work today on two "gateway" stations on the east end of 7th Avenue, between Macleod Trail and 3 Street S.E.

Two new "twinned" stations will be constructed by June 2011; one in front of the Calgary Public Library, and one across The Avenue, in front of City Hall.

The West end of downtown's 10 Street S.W. station will be removed and two new "twinned" stations will be constructed on 7 Avenue, between 10 Street S.W. and 11 Street 2012 to tie-in with the West LRT.

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Here is some information on downtown CTrain station closures.

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