Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Gophers run amok at Olympic Plaza for Parks 100th Anniversary

Ninety-five fusia gopher's are popping up all over Olympic Plaza to go along with giant foam trees and wooden pink picnic blankets.

The installations are part of The City of Calgary Parks’ 100th anniversary celebrations. transforming the downtown place into a unique, interactive and fun space.

These installations, called ephemeral, or temporary, gardens, are popular features around the world and a new experience for Calgary.

The six "Celebration Landscapes" are showcased including pink Richardson’s Ground Squirrels, soaring birds, large foam trees, pergola music, interactive “picnic blankets” and a grove of aspen tree “trunks”.

If you'd like to check out these art pieces, Gopher-it! For more information about Parks 100th, please visit

Here is a video of the unique 'Gardens' in Olympic Plaza with Parks Director Anne Charlton.

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